Our passion is a science.

At PyrotecnicoFX, our passion for creating captivating effects displays is matched only by our dedication to the science behind it. Fire effects and bigtime atmospherics are only made possible by in-depth understanding of gasses, matter, pressures, and measurements.

To do what we do, details are of utmost importance, and we don’t just attend to those details—we live and breathe them, ensuring your show’s success and safety, 

Creating that emotional connection you want your audience to feel.


See your show before your show.

In the planning process, we use a powerful simulation interface to show you an Ultra-HD video of your show—before your show.

By entering the coordinates of your show location and importing building or venue sketches, we create a precise digital rendering of the area so we can plan every laser, flame, or atmospheric effect to perfection. It’s so vivid, the real show will give you deja vu.



Propane. Butane. Isopar. Oxygen. Bringing mind-blowing flame effects to life takes genius-level skill and gas-powered knowhow. PyrotecnicoFX has decades of experience handling and harnessing these powerful elements to leave your event vibrating forever in the minds of your audience.



Achieving pyrotechnic glory is a delicate dance between the most epic of elements: fireballs, mushroom clouds, airbursts and spherical sparks are just the beginning. Our experience is your absolute best asset when going for shows that are truly unforgettable.



Harnessing light and turning it into lasers is another PyrotecnicoFX specialty. With cutting-edge laser projectors, we generate aerial beams, atmospherics, graphics, mapping, architectural displays and more. Just when your audience thinks you can’t raise the stakes any higher, crank the lasers and bid this dimension goodbye.



With imaginative combinations of CO2, pressurized air, and fluid-based fog effects, we can create atmospheric and confetti displays that are guaranteed to transport your audience to another dimension. Have you ever seen a 40’ CO2 plume effect? If not, it’s about time you did.


Confetti & Streamers

Never underestimate confetti and streamers—elements that play a crucial effects role by physically interacting with your audience! Done right, these effects allow the attendee to move beyond spectating into real touch, taking the action to a whole new level. With our confetti expertise, PyrotecnicoFX can make reality ripple and take the whole crowd’s breath away.



Every style and shape of firework is brought to you with outstanding service and impeccable timing by PyrotecnicoFX’s team. An eternal American tradition and a worldwide signifier of true celebration, fireworks form the bread and shining butter of any unforgettable aerial display. Classics are classics for a reason—let us light a fuse for you.


Drone Light Shows

Twist the plot—this is where it gets really interesting. Pyrotecnico uses Nova Sky Stories Intel-powered drones to create lighting displays in the sky that are otherworldly and captivating.

The tech we use has been tested on a global scale during events such as the Tokyo Olympics and the Super Bowl Halftime Show—it exists in an elite category with only the most experienced and professional operations teams available today


The first effect is how fast we respond.

Our trained technicians and operators are working the wires to make sure when you reach out, we hit you back—fast. Let us know what’s on your mind.

PyrotecnicoFX Special FX

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