Where unexpected moments become unforgettable memories.

At PyrotecnicoFX, we specialize in innovative special effects that catch the whole crowd off-guard, turning the unexpected into the unforgettable. Our qualified expertise is the difference between a moment and a memory—the difference between the epic and the everyday.


Here for everyone who wants to make a splash.

If you’re looking to cook a show up with design-based moments that truly come out of nowhere, look no further than PyrotecnicoFX. Specializing in sports and music, events and openings of all sizes and sounds, we’re here to serve you, bringing the whole weight of our FXperience to every moment of every show.


Open Pandora’s box of FX possibilities.

Partnering with PyrotecnicoFX is like opening a Pandora’s box of show-stoppers. We’re talking pyro, cryo, sky drones, smoke, lasers, fireworks—you name it. While the possibilities may not be endless, they’re pretty dang close.


Some kind words from those we’ve served.

Knowing we’ve lived up to our partners’ FXpectations makes every spark, every laser, every wisp of smoke worth it. All we want to see is you smile.


Our version of baby photos.


The first effect is how fast we respond.

Our trained technicians and operators are working the wires to make sure when you reach out, we hit you back—fast. Let us know what’s on your mind.

PyrotecnicoFX Special FX

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