We've never forgotten where we came from.

At PyrotecnicoFX, our passion for creating captivating effects displays is matched only by our dedication to the science behind it. Fire effects and bigtime atmospherics are only made possible by in-depth understanding of gasses, matter, pressures, and measurements.

While we now have offices and warehouses across America, we strive to remember our roots and provide a downhome experience for our clients that makes them feel we’ve known each other for years.

No matter the job, our genuine connection to our New Castle beginnings grounds us in humility. We’ve never forgotten where we came from, and when it’s showtime, it really shows.


Leaders that stay on the front lines.

PyrotecnicoFX’s teams are led by leaders who don’t sit the action out or expect anyone to do anything they wouldn’t do. They’re true servants—sergeants who get their hands dirty with the whole crew to ensure the end effect for every client is unforgettable. They keep morale high to make magic happen, and you can always find them on the front lines when it matters most.


Special effects, and Special attention.

PyrotecnicoFX’s culture is built on the simple act of having each other’s backs. We have a family-like special affection for each other, with every team member relying on every other team member across the country to make the magic happen for our clients.

Dedication, safety, certainty, consistency, trust, accountability, and fire in the belly—it’s our way, but when we work, our clients feel the effects, too.


The first effect is how fast we respond.

Our trained technicians and operators are working the wires to make sure when you reach out, we hit you back—fast. Let us know what’s on your mind.

PyrotecnicoFX Special FX

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